Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesdays

If you have visited me before, then you know I am a working mom, and that I love taking part in Julia's Working Mommy Wednesdays over at Sweet As Punkin Pie.

Her question for us working moms this week is:

What song do you always find yourself singing at the top of your lungs when you're in the car all by yourself?

This is a GREAT question!  I love to sing.  It doesn't mean though that I'm actually any good at it.
I can't think of one specific song, but I love the Black Eyed Peas.  Their old stuff, their new stuff, it doesn't matter.  It always makes me want to sing (and even dance) while I'm in the driver's seat.  The Black Eyed Peas' song My Humps always puts a smile on my face.  The reason being is, that my nephews also love this song and know it by heart and have so now for several years.  It's like a family song for us!  Ha appropriate is My Humps for a family song?
I'm also currently a fan of Lady Gaga and Pitbull.  I'm loving the latino flare from Pitbull.  I've always had a love for latino music even though I don't understand a word they are singing.
By now you are probably thinking, "Who IS this girl, and WHAT the heck is she listening to?" 
I love love love anything that picks up my mood and makes me want to DANCE & SING!
If you were allowed a peak into my Pandora account though, you would be surprised to see such artists as Marvin Gaye (he is seriously my ALL TIME FAVORITE), Ozzy Osbourne, the Dixie Chicks, Jason Mraz (who I saw in concert this past summer and he was AWESOME), Hawthorne Heights, Sarah McLachlanBjork (yes the crazy swan lady), Sade (who's song By Your Side was mine and DH's wedding song), and soooo many more.
I guess I didn't really answer Julia's specific question of what SONG makes me want to sing, because seriously, they ALL do.  I love music and grew up in a home where music was always playing.
Oooh that was fun!  Makes me want to crank the tunes in my office.  Wonder if my coworkers would appreciate some Black Eyed Peas?


  1. I answered this question about an hour ago, and I've been singing in my head and bobbing my head up and down since then. lol

    Thanks for playing - I think, based on your answer - that you'd be a pretty fun person to hang around! :)

  2. hawthorne heights?? check!! Sarah McLachlan?? check!! Jason Mraz who you saw in concert???????? so stinkin' jealous!!!!!!!



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