Tuesday, August 19, 2008

4 Month Appointment

Height 24.25 in (14th percentile)
Weight 14lbs 8 oz (28th percentile)
Head Circ 16in (6th percentile)

Height 23.5 in (3rd percentile)
Weight 13lbs 15oz (18th percentile)
Head Circ 15.5in (<3th percentile)

According to the pediatrician they are doing great! Their muscle tone is still lacking a bit but that is to be expected because of their prematurity.

We got the green light to start solids other than cereal of which they already are on and love. So DH is going to start them with peas this morning. The doc recommended green veggies to start instead of fruit since they are not sweet and that way hopefully they'll like them. I hope DH has a good time with that this morning...I'm bummed I'm missed out on their first veggie. I have a hard time with the whole veggie thing for breakfast - ew - but I guess the boys really won't care. If they're anything like their dad...they'll eat ANYTHING for breakfast.

They were very fussy last night. All night, several times per hour. Poor babes. I gave them tylenol but they still weren't happy. I hope they are good for their daddy today.

Thank you Lord....I love my boys so much. Thank you for blessing me with these two beautiful healthy boys. I will not fail you. I will raise them to be wonderful, caring, & respectful human beings.


Sailor Boys

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  1. Those boys are more beautiful every time I see them! Glad to hear they're doing well..



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