Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random, Yet Kickass Things About Me

So....I've been tagged by a friend on list 25 random, yet kickass (not sure they will be so kickass) things about me....hmmmm.....where to begin......

1. I love to sing! I sing in my car, in my office, at home, and most importantly, to Big Bear & Little Bear.

2. I am not a good as soon as Big Bear and Little Bear can talk, I'm sure they will be telling me to shut it.

3. I HATE Winter

4. I HATE being stuck in my house (because of number 3).

5. I have TWO children. I never ever thought I would be saying "MY KIDS", yes I could imagine saying "My CHILD" as in one...but never "My KIDS". It makes my heart want to explode when I think about my kidSSSS...I couldn't imagine life with only one.

6. I think having twins is easy (for the most part). Most people are in awe of me having two babies at the same age. They ask, "how do you do it?" and I say, the same way you do, except I have to do it twice. Besides, they are my first two so I don't know any better.

7. I love how others are in awe of me having twins.

8. The best compliment I have EVER received in my life, is from my sister. She has THREE children, I think she is SUCH a wonderful, kind, loving, patient mom. She said to me one day, "I don't know how you do it." HUH? I don't know how SHE does it....but it made me proud....I never thought she would ever look at me that way.

9. I never had a close relationship with my sister...but I do now...because I have children. (thank you baby bears)

10. I met Poppa Bear when I was 18...just about to graduate from High School.

11. I am addicted to caffeine. I can not live without it. I have a diet soda while I'm getting ready for work, a 20oz cup of coffee on my way to work, and then as soon as I get home I crack open another diet soda. I even keep a diet soda on my night stand & drink it througout the night when I wake up (again, thank you baby bears).

12. On the weekends, I have been known to consume 4 to 6 diet sodas per day.

13. I love to go to weddings.

14. But I hate that I have to bring a gift.

15. I LOVE to dance, that's why I love number 13. I could seriously go out dancing every single day of the week. BB (before babies) and when I was MUCH younger, we used to do that. Not every day...but almost.

16. I had to teach the whole school at an 8th grade dance the Electric Slide, because I was the only one who knew how to do it.

17. I learned it from the Oprah show...I would rewind and fast forward that show over and over until I knew how to do it.

18. That's how I met Poppa a night club. He likes to dance too.

19. I miss those old days with Poppa Bear. But wouldn't give up any of our new life for it.

20. I love to work on our yard. I have been known to lug rocks, and bags and bags of mulch all over the place, but yet, I ask Poppa Bear to carry the dog food bag into the house.

21. I worry about all of the work we have to do on the yard this spring and summer. How am I going to manage that in addition to the bears and the inside household stuff.

22. Thinking about number 21 seriously stresses me out.

23. I have this problem with living up to my parents...and my neighbors...and my friends...when it comes to appearances (ie my yard) that again...I get so stressed out about it.

24. I can't return anything to Wal Mart for 6 months. LMAO!!! I've returned/exchanged too many things without a receipt, that they have me flagged as not being able to do so for 6 months.

25. I make my sister return/exchange stuff for me now....I have lots of baby stuff...and lots of diapers that need to be switched out for a new brand or a new size.

Wow...I'm shocked that I found 25 things to say...I almost went further without realizing it. I don't know if you've learned much about me from this....I hope so!

Ta Ta!

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