Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Wow, it’s Monday already!?! Where did last week go? I’ll tell you where it didn’t go.

I did not call in sick on Monday after having way too much fun at a friend’s house watching the Superbowl and not getting home until 11pm. I would never stay out that late on a *school* night!

My feet and toes were in rough shape. I used to always make sure they were well taken care of by giving myself pedicures and always making sure my toes were polished. I’m not a busy mom of two 10-month olds, so I have all of the time in the world to take care of myself. This led to my not getting a real bona-fide professional pedicure on Monday. I did not relax in one of those chairs that massaged my back intensely while my feet were soaking in warm, bubbly, soothing water. I certainly did not enjoy every minute of pure bliss, and I have not been stealing glances at my beautifully polished toes every evening when I take my socks off. What kind of person does that? Oh…and my back muscles did not hurt the following morning from all of that intense massaging.

Big Bear has not been testing Poppa Bear and me by waking up twice last week at 2am or 3am and throwing a party in his crib. He did not repeat the offense by waking up at 4am Sunday morning. I did not go get him from his crib and let him sleep with me. I would never ever let my babies sleep with me. Who needs sleep? Not me!

There are many other things I did not do last week, I have such a great memory these days, because ya know, my life is so stress free and I have so much time on my hands…………….

What didn't you do last week? Head on over to My Charming Kids and check out what other mom's and (some) dad's did not do.


  1. I wrote a whole post last week about parties in the crib.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your pedicure. I am afraid of the nail salon!

    Have a great monday!

  2. Thank goodness you took some time for yourself! I know how much time I DON'T have with kids that are 5 & 9.

    I can't even think about having 10 month old twins and working. That thought just wears me out!

    Great ones this week.


  3. Your boys are sosooo cute. Hats off to you for having twins. Amazing! - Cute blog!

  4. A pedicure sounds like heaven! Your boys are adorable! Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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