Friday, March 20, 2009

Electronics, Wet Butt Farts & Other Randomness

DAYUM...where does the time go????? I can't get over how quickly my life is passing before me. And yes..I know I promised to post pics this week..but I keep forgetting my memory card.

Little Bear is starting to crawl. Nothing like the good ole remote to get him moving!

What is it with kiddos and being obsessed with remotes, phones, and dvd players? I could buy them fake kids ones with all sorts of bright colors but noooo...they want the real deal. So I found two remotes that we no longer use..I cleaned them up and removed the batteries....have at it!

Poppa Bear called me this morning to tell me that when he went in to get the boys up for the day, that Big Bear was standing in his crib, smiling away, jumping. Sigh. Another thing missed by mommy.

I gave the boys their 1st bath without their bathseats last night. They had a blast. Little Bear rolled onto his belly and was up on his hands having a good old time. When I was drying Little Bear off, Big Bear was still in the tub (yes..I was RIGHT next to it) on his knees, holding on to the side bouncing up and down. He then proceeded to fall over, and when he did, his butt was up in the air and he let out this huge wet butt fart!! LMAO! He started to cry when he fell over, but I was laughing so hard at the fart that he forgot about the fact that he just got a face full of water. I heart tub time.

When did my babies get so big? I can not believe we will be celebrating their first birthday in two more weeks. In addition to their 1st birthday, it will be my 30th. Wow. 30.Years.Old. When did that happen? I honestly still feel about 23...until I look in the mirror and see my wrinkles (yes I have wrinkles) and see how just plain old tired I look.

My BFF, Barb will be here for the bear's birthday. I can not wait to see her and I can not wait to snuggle her baby Alanis. I hope Barb is prepared for me to steal her away...I'm sure Alanis will cry, and it will make me sad, but she's just going to have to get over the fact that Auntie Erin needs an Alanis fix in the worst way. I wonder how the boys are going to be with Alanis? I can't wait to see the three of them together, and man are we going to have a HUGE photo shoot. Be on the look-out for eleventybillion photos in a few weeks!

Ok...that's enough randomness for one day. I promise to get some photos up this weekend!


  1. I SO can not wait to see you and see those beautiful "tooting" boys!!!

    Two Weeks from tomorrow!!

    OMG! I'm so excited I just got the chills!!!

  2. Hey Chickadee,


    Got it! I'm catching on now ;-)

    Have a great weekend,



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