Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hair Cuts

My babies got their first haircuts on Monday. Two weeks away from their 1st birthday and they needed haircuts!!! What? They are babies...they don't need their hair cut!!!

Poppa Bear and I have been debating this for quite some time. Even my sister (the hairdresser) even said, "Nah, they don't need haircuts yet!"

Again, they are BABIES. Babies don't need hair cuts!!!

Poppa Bear put his foot down and said that if I didn't get their hair cut by this past Tuesday, that he was going to bring them to SuperCuts! No way are my children going to SuperCuts, not that anything is wrong with SuperCuts, but their Auntie is a hairdresser.

So, I broke down Monday night and let Auntie Jess cut their hair. And she even exclaimed, "They have MUCH more hair than I thought!"

The bears were so good...they just sat there, knawing on a comb. She even used the trimmers on them without a flinch.

So of course, in true Goldylocks fashion, I took 164 pictures (yes...really) and put together a small callage of my favorite shots. 164 pictures and 8 were my favorite. I need a new hobby.
Big Bear

Little Bear


  1. Too cute! There would be no way I would've let Poppa Bear take them to Super Cuts. Then you wouldn't have been able to take 164 pictures!

    I popped over earlier from work but couldn't view the collages on my phone. I'm home now and I can see Little Bear's but not Big Bear's. I even tried all the right clicking tricks and still no pics. FYI

  2. Oh no! Thanks for telling me....trying to fix now.

  3. So sweet! Their first haircut! My daughters just over two and still no fact, at the rate she's going, she'll be in high school before she needs one! lol

  4. what great pics! i can't believe he was threatening to take them to supercuts LOL! and there's no way you woulda been able to take that many pictures if he had :)

  5. Glad you got Big Bear's collage fixed.

    Love the big pic of him chewing on the comb. And that sweet curl behind his left ear...

    Too cute!



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