Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I Heart Faces ~ Messy

Another week...another I Y Faces. This weeks challenge is MESSY.

With two 11 month olds in the house, I'm sure you can imagine just how messy things can be. I Y Faces was nice enough to create a beginners challenge. Thank you so much...I was really starting to feel inadequate with all of those phenominal photos that others posted. I am truly a beginner, but some day hope to be up there with the big guys (and gals).

You may have seen this photo around these parts already, but it is truly my favorite "messy" pic so far. I'm sure we will have many more messy opportunities in the very near future. And since Big Bear has been getting all of the fame lately....I decided this weeks entry had to be all about Little Bear. Little Bear isn't quite that messy here, but I just love how the drool coming from his mouth forms the beginnings of a puddle on his bib. For the record though...BOTH baby bears are equally messy.

If you'd like to join in the mess fun too, or just browse through the other messy faces, stop by I Y Faces.


  1. I'm so new at photo editing that I have no clue what you did to the edges of this photo, but I like it :)

  2. Too cute! How sweet. Love your blog with the bears and stuff. How fun! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  3. very cute! i'm new to i heart faces but am having fun with it. great pic!




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