Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I took a vacation day on Friday.

Oh what a beautiful day it was.

70+ degrees of pure weather and baby bliss.

My sister, niece, mom, me, and the bears ventured to the zoo. It was the last day of our area's Spring Break and 70+ degrees outside. Do you know what that combo means?

Kids...lots of them. And strollers far and wide.

But the lovely thing about the zoo is, it's outside, and spread out, so I didn't feel like we were amongst every child and stroller there is in our county.

The bears really didn't care all that much about the animals, but they sure had a BLAST people watching. They get that from their mother.

My niece had a fabulous time. We came across these fellas or maybe they were females (what's the slang word for female? Fellette?) and she shouts "DINOSAUR!"

Oh man do I love my little Lillybean! She is just a trip!

After the zoo we all went back to Mima & Bipa's for pizza and play time. This would be the first time the bears got to play in the grass. I wondered how they would do. Would they like it? Make a face? Cry? How do YOU think they reacted?

Just as normal...they played and laughed and crawled around. Why would I think any different. I have two of the most laid back children I've ever met.


  1. That looks like alot of fun. Glad y'all had such great weather so you could finally get those boys outside.

  2. Great pictures!!! Looks like a great time........



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