Thursday, May 28, 2009

Quiet = Tampons = Fun

I was washing dishes and such in the kitchen (story of my life) while the boys were playing in the cabinet in the powder room when it became quiet.

Very quiet.

And we all know that when babies are quiet we should really wonder and worry about what they can possibly be up to.

So, I quietly walked to the powder room, and peeked in.

There they were, with a box of tampons. Slowly, one by one, removing them from the box and piling them into the cabinet.

Uh oh..I've been caught.

They played like this for more than thirty minutes.

Who knew a box of tampons could BE so much fun?!?


  1. Oh, that is too funny!

    And someday, your lovely daughters-in-law will thank you. Those pictures are living proof that your bears have NO problem picking up tampons~even when the wife sends them to the store to fetch!

  2. LOL~~
    And it's good fine motor skills too......but I don't suppose you'd find that activity at daycare!........

  3. Kayla did that one day only instead of piling them up she opened each and everyone and took them apart....

  4. What is it about common household items? The cardboard tube inside the papertowel rolls is always entertaining.



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