Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

I'm a tad late this week, but I still wanted to join in the Random Picture fun over at 4 Little Men & Girly Twins.

This weeks challenge is:

July 2004 or 7th folder closest year 22nd picture.

Well, I don't have a 2004 folder, but it looks like I have some from 2005. And of course, in 2005 I don't have a 7th folder so I just picked the 22nd picture.

This photo was taken back in my cake decorating days. I wasn't a pro by any means. Just something I liked to do for fun. I used to have so much fun doing this, not to mention plenty of time, but these days, I don't have the time (but I DO have fun!). Some day I'll blow the dust off of my tools and play again.


  1. Oh nice!! How did you do that cycle??
    I really want to get back into it too. I think I've forgot EVERYTHING I learned. I may need to retake the class!!

  2. Wow! You've got SOME talent! My Mother decorated cakes years ago and they were always so beautiful. And yummy. At least the ones we got to eat. Or when I would skillfully snatch a finger full of icing right out of the mixing bowl. Boy, did she ever HATE it when we did that. Being a mother now, I'm pretty sure I would have the same reaction.

    Great design, by the way.



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