Friday, May 1, 2009

We Have a TOOTH!

I got home from work yesterday at 5:00.

Well..actually I cut out of work early so I could get my nails done. Sad that I have to take time off of work for such things..but that is my life these days. LOL

So I got home from getting my nails done at 5:00...and you know what? The Bears were STILL NAPPING!!! What?? That is just craziness! They never nap like that for ME!

Anyhoo..I finally woke them up at 5:15. And let me tell you, those Bears do NOT like to be woken up.

After some whining they were happy and ready for dinner.

While I was feeding them their mush (ya know..because they STILL don't have any teeth) I noticed Little Bear biting on his bib. Little Bear rarely sticks stuff in his mouth. Big Bear on the other hand sticks anything he can get his hands on in his mouth.

So I thought....that's strange.... I took a look and sure enough - Little Bear has a wittle itty bitty toofer (his right bottom) just coming through the skin. And may I's a sharp little sucker too.

I started hootin' & hollerin'! You have a tooth!!! You have a tooth!!! I was literally jumping up and down.

Then I called Poppa Bear and in all of my excitement he thought I was crying (I was..but not until after..I'm crazy like that) so he thought something was wrong with Little Bear. (Sorry Poppa Bear for scaring the pants off of you!)

So that is the story of our very first tooth! I really honestly thought they would be going to High School with gummy grins - well - Big Bear still just might :-)

I am so proud of my baby boys. I thank God every single day that they are in my life. They make my life so much more fun & exciting! You never know what to expect from day to day...and I like it!

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  1. Congratulations on the 1st chopper! The next ones are sure to come quickly so don't stick your fingers in their mouth.

    Silly Momma...scaring Poppa Bear with all of the hoopla and tears ;-)



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