Monday, August 24, 2009

A Walk to Remember

We live in the countryside. It is a beautiful area filled with agriculture and dairy farms. Lots of dairy farms which means cows..and I LOVE cows. I really want one for a pet but I don't think Poppa Bear would like that.

We are only 15 minutes away from the grocery store and the mall, and about 25 minutes away from "the city". Not far at all. But when I tell people where I live, they always say "Way out there?" I hate that. We are not "way out there". We are 15 minutes away from you, not hours and hours.

I try to get the boys out for a walk as much as possible. Such beautiful surroundings to take in. I'm always telling them how extremely lucky they are to live where they live. It's God's country I tell them.
I'm sure some day they'll tell me the same thing I told my parents, "I can't wait to move out of this hick-town!"

Then they'll move away.

And realize after, how lucky they were.
And then they'll move back.

Recently, I took my camera along for one of our walks, so all of you could enjoy what we get to enjoy every single day.

The view from my house.
Corn - for the cows, not corn for the peeps.

Walking to the see the babies.

A small stream. I saw a blue heron hanging out here the other day.
Too bad I didn't have my camera.

God's Country actually calves!

Maddox asks, "Can we take one home momma?"

Can't have a farm without a tractor!

Thanks for walking with us! Time to go home now!


  1. Love the pictures of all the cows. We love them here in FL too! Found you through the Multiples and More site and your post on the "safari" blog. I have id. twin boys who just turned 17 months. Looks like you have just as much fun with yours!~Brooke

  2. You're LUCKY you live out in the country! Don't let "those" people bother you. I don't know that the boys will EVER want to leave all of that fun.

    Great eye on those pictures, too. Love the one of the side of the silo. And all of the calves, of course! Thanks for taking us all along!

    And guess what my authentication word is down there...spermi...ewwwwwww! Come on word authenticator people. Grow up!

  3. I LOVE it! :) A day on the farm with some work is just makes things seem better! It's something I can't get from my cubicle! Who knew I'd miss the days out working on farms with my dad when I grew up!

    And you've inspired me to write a blog about my week at Ohio Spring Dairy Expo!



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