Friday, August 28, 2009

What's A Girl To Do?

Poppa Bear is giving me the day off.


Yikes! I'm a little scared.

I have no clue what to do with myself.

I have no plans.

Nowhere really to go.

No money to spend.

I really don't WANT to be away from my babies for a whole day.  Just a few hours is enough of a break for me.

Poppa Bear is not down with that.


I will miss my babies. 

And Poppa Bear.

I think I will manage.

Did I mention I'm scared?

What would YOU do if you had an entire day off from your responsibilities?


  1. I wouldn't know WHAT to do with myself either!

    This sounds exactly like what I'm going thru right now the two days I don't work when the girls are in school all day. So far in 2 weeks, I've had one VERY productive and three very unproductive ones. I'm not doing so good so far. Part of that was due in part(major part) to a serious lack of funds! The last day of the month (payday!) CANNOT get here soon enough for me right now. LOL!

    I still can't figure out what I'd do. I hope you can! Maybe we should me at Subway for lunch...

  2. I feel ya! I always feel alone without my little men and my big one too. Find some friends and meet for a long, slow lunch. Make a picnic if you don't want to go out.



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