Tuesday, September 22, 2009

They Must Be Running All Over The Place

No..no they are not.

I'm so sick of that comment.

Any time we go somewhere (me and the boys) this is how it goes.

Question #1 - Are they twins?

Answer - (Rolling Eyes) What to you think?  Well...I really don't say that and I really don't roll my eyes.  I just say, "Why yes, yes they are!"  "You are SOOOO observant!"

Question #2 - How old are they?

Answer - They are 17 months old. (Never mind getting into the whole "they are 15 months adjusted age because they were 9 weeks premature blah blah blah.)

Question #3 - (more of a question/comment) Wow!  They MUST be running ALL over the place!!!

Answer - Nope, not yet. (as I am feeling guilty inside - feeling like I have to explain myself)

Comment - Oh.........(long pause).......well that's ok.  Babies take their time.  They will walk when the are ready.

I'm SO OVER this conversation I have EVERY SINGLE time we go somewhere in public.

I know I know, it's ok that they aren't walking yet. 

This is my Public Service Announcement to all people that make comments to other moms about their children:

Don't make ANY assumptions! 


  1. My twins are almost 2 and I get asked if they're twins all the time... and if they're girls! Which they are, and they're usually in matching pink outfits. COME ON PEOPLE! I totally understand :)

  2. I have 20 month old boy/girl twins. I can totally relate to your frustration with those questions. The list goes on and ON. My favorite is - are they identical? This coming after I just told them they are boy/girl twins! LOL. Your boys are adorable.

  3. My boys are almost 13 months old now and not walking and it doesn't look like it's going to happen soon. Honestly, it's a blessing! After 4 early walkers, I really appreciate this more! Twins become even more challenging when they are walking and running. Chaos! Hopefully your guys walk before mine. ;)



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