Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The Three Bears and I went on a shopping trip to Sam's Club this past weekend.  And boy oh boy did the boys make out!

Say hello to our little friend!


This is Alphapillar.  At least that's what Poppa Bear and I named him.  Alphapillar is a GINORMOUS stuffed caterpillar who has the alphabet down his whole back.

Alphapiller takes up the majority of our family room.

He is officially a new member of our family.  Luckily we do not have to feed this extra mouth.

The bears are thoroughly enjoying their new found friend.  Marcus likes to jump on him and Maddox likes to hide small toys under Alphapillar's many many legs. 

Me?  I think Alphapillar makes a great pillow.  All MoM's (moms of multiples) need a great pillow.


  1. oh my gosh your boys are soooooooooo cute! I love your blog its so cute as well!!!
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  2. That is SO cute - I'll have to see if I can find one for my twins!



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