Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Operation Visit Santa

1/2 Success!!!!


1/2 Fail!!!!

Depends on if you are a glass is half full or a glass is half empty kind of person.  Me?  I'm a glass is half full kind of gal.

Marcus and Maddox enjoyed strolling through Santa's Wonderland.  They even enjoyed checking him out from afar.  But once they were placed on Santa's lap, Maddox lost it.  He was not down with that Santa fella.  Marcus on the other hand was ready to settle in and snuggle.

***Warning: horrible cell phone quality photos!***

And why oh why didn't I bring my camera???  I mean, WHAT was I thinking? 

I think we may need a do-over.

A. I need to bring my camera.

B. I need to torture my poor children (or just Maddox) one more time.

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