Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesdays

Oooh Julia...this weeks question is so much fun!

As a working mom, if you suddenly became a SAHM, how do you think your life would be different?

Love love love the question this week.  If I suddenly found myself as a SAHM (Stay at home mom) my life would be SO much different.

~I would be able to get my boys up every single day, get to see their beautiful smiling faces.

~I would be able to clean every day, instead of packing it all into a weekend.

~I would take my children to some fun (free) activities.  (I've always wanted to do these things, but these activities are geared toward SAHM's and are only weekdays...makes me so angry.)

~I would exercise every day during nap time.

~I would allow myself to nap.

~I would cook more. 

~I would actually see my husband, instead of the 2 days a week we currently see each other now.

~I would organize all closets, cupboards, & drawers in my house.

~The boys and I would go for regular walks, whether it be outdoors or indoors (at the mall).

~My van would be clean instead of looking like I live in it!

~Our family would be poor money-wise, but so so rich in the long run :-)

So what would YOU do if you got the old switcharoo?  SAHM to full time working mom - or - Full time working mom to SAHM?

Come join in the fun over at Sweet As Punkin Pie.


  1. awesome answers!! i think it's so funny when us working moms say we would do all this stuff... and i believe we would. but i know i have to be honest.... i probably wouldn't clean every day like i say i would!! haha!! SAHM's are probably laughing their heads off at us saying, "yeah, right! if only being a SAHM was that easy!"

    but yes, it would be AWESOME to get to be with your kids more!!

  2. This weeks question makes me long to be at home! I totally agree with ALL your answers! Sigh, maybe someday, huh?

  3. right there with you~~~ especially the van part!

  4. and Julia, maybe things would not be spotless everyday but when I'm home during the week I always spend some time cleaning and when i was home full time my house was as close to spotless as i'll ever care t have it

  5. I love your answers.....I wish I could stay home and do all that!

  6. I am a SAHM...most of that stuff doesn't happen! ;o)



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