Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coming Soon! My First Review & Giveaway!

You have no idea how super excited I am to be hosting my very first review & giveaway. CSN Stores is making it all possible for me.

What's that? You don't know who CSN Stores is?

CSN Stores began in 2002 with just two employees out of Boston.  They are comprised of more than 200 online shopping sites and have grown to employ over 400 people.

Image: Danilo Rizzuti /

200 online shopping sites you ask?  Oh yes, I do not not tell a lie.  If you are like me, a full time working mom away from the home 50+ hours each week, this site is your dream come true.

They have everything you can possibly imagine.  From recessed lighting, to kitchen gadgets and children's toys; all delivered to your doorstep.  Yes, you read that right.  Oh, and you know what else?  They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  So if those recessed lights you purchased don't give you the warm and fuzzies, you can send 'em on back and they well exchange, credit or refund the cost of them. 

So what do you think y'all?  Are you as excited as I am?  Well get ready, because coming soon to a my blog near you, you will have your very own chance to win something special from CSN Stores me!


  1. yay!! can't wait to enter! :)

  2. I just ordered a greenhouse shade cloth from them this week! They also have free shipping and no tax!!!!



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