Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just Thursday ~ July 29, 2010

Outside my window.. is the hallway of the Town Offices...but it IS a beautiful sunny day.
The time is.. 8:39 am
Today I feel.. tired. I don't know why I am so tired these days.  It's really starting to bother me.
I am thinking.. thank God it's Thursday.  One day closer to the weekend!
At the moment, I am thankful.. I have a job to go to every day.
I am going.. to take the kids to our local Fireman's Parade tonight.  I CAN'T wait to see how they react to the firetrucks and tractors and clowns and marching bands!!!  I have a feeling Marcus will LOVE it and Maddox will be clinging to me for dear life.
I am wearing.. gray slacks and a purple shirt.  Flip-flops for now until I change into my heals at 9:00am when we open our window for business.
I wish.. (like my friend Abby) that we were billionaires.  Money and the lack of it seriously stresses me out and makes it difficult to sleep at night.
I am reading.. Mommywood by Tori Spelling still...almost done!  I better request her next one from the library as I'm sure there is a wait.
I am working on.. issuing warrants...good times!
I am hoping.. for a miracle.
I am hearing.. my coworker on the phone.
Around the house.. I didn't clean last night like I usually do on Wednesdays, so it's dirty to me.  To others I'm sure it isn't.  In my eyes my house can NEVER be clean enough.
I bet you didn't know.. that I chopped off my hair.  Well, I didn't do sister did.  I should probably update some pics on this here blog :-)
One of my favorite.. things to do these days, is hop in my convertible with the top down, no radio, and just drive.
My weekend plans include.. nothing exciting.  Playing with the kids as usual.  Saturday night I have my sister's crew so her and her husband can go to a wedding.  Trying to figure out what we all will do.

Be sure to visit Abby over at Murdock's Mama and join in on the Just Thursday fun!


  1. Convertible...that sounds fun! I love hair whipping in my face from the wind! Have fun at the parade tonight and yes...we want photos of your new hair!!! Thanks for linking up...Have a great Thursday!

  2. And your hair looks HOT!!!

    Enjoy the parade.

    Oh and in case you forgot I'm still waiting for you to spill the beans about your early anniversary present.

  3. Amen on the billionnaire thing. Seriously. Lack of sleep/stress is probably the only reason I've been losing weight. Wish I could join you at the parade - sounds like a lot of CHEAP fun!

    What's the most interesting warrant you've processed?

  4. Hi! I gave you an award! Stop by my blog to check it out. Hope you have a great day!

  5. i bet your hair looks adorable!!



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