Thursday, July 8, 2010

Just Thursday ~ July 8, 2010

Outside my window..the sky is hazy and it's HOT HOT HOT!

The time is.. 7:30am.

Today I feel.. not sure, just feel ok.

I am thinking.. that I need a break.

At the moment, I am thankful..that we have central air.  How in the world did we survive without it before?

I am work in a few minutes.

I am wearing.. grey crop pants and a light pink ruffly shirt.

I wish.. we could afford to go on a family vacation.

I am reading.. Tori Spelling's first book sTORI TELLING.  And it's good!

I am working on.. getting my workout motivation back.  The eating is still going well, the exercise not so much.

I am hoping.. this heat & humidity breaks soon.  I don't know how you southerners do it ALL summer.

I am hearing.. the hum of my computer.

Around the house.. same as usual, balloons all over the living room.

I bet you didn't know.. that my nickname of Goldylocks has nothing to do with my hair color.  I've had that nickname since High School.  It has something to do with my maiden name.

One of my favorite.. times of day is right now.  When the house is still sleeping and it's just me, coffee, and my computer.

What are you doing, thinking, wearing, and hoping for this Thursday?  Click on over to Murdock's Mama and join in.


  1. Girl, if you find some motivation can you send it South? I need some too.
    Stay cool.

  2. Your outfits always sound so cool! Where do you shop at?! Family vacas are great...we just got word that my MIL wants to take all 14 of us somewhere for their 40th anniversary next complains here!!! :)

    Thanks for playing again!
    Murdocks Mama

  3. Sorry for the heat up there! We are used to it down here...but I tend to hibernate in the air conditioning in the summer. I can't imagine not having central air!

  4. Apparently my idea to cut out the 'extras' has worked (potato chips, french fries, desserts) as my doc was pleased with -16 yesterday. However, he also mentioned I need to exercise more. How *do* you find the motivation? or the time?



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