Thursday, December 23, 2010

Just Thursday ~ December 23, 2010

Outside my's cold and grey.

The time is..8:25AM

Today I feel..content, but I know as soon as I start thinking of all there is to do I'll be feeling stressed.

I am thinking..about everything that needs to be done before tomorrow evening.

At the moment, I am thankful..for this holiday season.  That we are healthy, have food to eat and a wonderful family to share it with.  I am thankful that we could afford to buy our children presents for Christmas.  It was a struggle, but it makes me think of those who can't afford to buy one gift or afford to put a hot meal on the table.  With the number of billionairres and millionairres out there, there shouldn't be such a thing as homelessness or poverty.

I am go meet my girlfriend's new baby Mia today.  I can't wait to hold her and snugggle her and smell her.

I am pajama bottoms that have candies all over them (the boys love these jammies) with a pink pajama top and pink slippers.  I kinda look like Pepto Bismal threw up all over me now that I think of it :-)

I wish..every child has a present to open this Saturday morning, and that they have a wonderful, loving family to share their Christmas with.

I am reading..Skinny Italian, the cookbook written by Terese Guidice from The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

I am working on..getting the rest of the presents wrapped and built.  I was up until 1am this morning building one of the boys' toys.  I also need to start cleaning this house and getting it ready for company.  I love having company, it motivates me to clean things that I normally don't do on a weekly basis.

I am hoping..for a relaxing, fun Christmas Eve and Christmas.

I am hearing..Good Morning America and the kiddos starting to wake.

I bet you didn't know..I haven't had a cigarette in THREE WEEKS!!!!  I feel fabulous.  There are moments when I want one but all in all it has been great.  The medication is a form of anti-anxiety med so THAT portion of it is doing wonders as well.  I feel much more care free and less overwhelmed with life.  I think it's doing miraculous things for my marriage as well.  I no longer am on the edge and always angry with my husband.  If you are a smoker, I highly recommend Chantix.  Do it!  You'll thank me.

One of my favorite..Christmas traditions, is the breakfast I make each year and have made for the last...oh...ten years probably. (Wow, that makes me feel old)

Weekend Plans..

[Thursday] I'm off work today.  Going to run to the post office and go snuggle a new baby.  Then home to start some cleaning and prepare for Pizza Night tonight!
[Friday] Relax with the family.  Go to my in-laws for Christmas Eve festivities.  I hope they have mimosas!
[Saturday] Christmas!!!  I can NOT wait until Christmas  morning.  The boys "get" it much more this year.  We will be staying home in our jammies, enjoying new toys and relaxing.  Then my family comes to our house for dinner and more present opening.  Ooh I'm so excited!
[Sunday] Going to the Buffalo Bills vs New England Patriots game with my Fairy Godmother.  It is going to be so cold.  I don't get why Buffalo, NY would not have a covered football stadium.  I usually don't go to a game this late in the season, but because of my Fairy Godmother's illness we missed the game we planned to go to earlier.  She has season tickets and we go to a game at least once a year.  Our favorite part is the Bills' Store.  I just pray for no snow, Buffalo gets slammed...their last storm had people stranded on the Thruway for over 10 hours.

How are you today?  What are your weekend plans?

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Christmas! 

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