Friday, June 22, 2007

I suck - I know!!!

Ok so Sara so inspired me to do this. I know - I haven't updated in a looooooonnnnnngggg time but I don't care so screw!!

For those who want to play... google "[your name] needs" (make sure it's in quotation marks, and actually put your name in there). Then list the top ten hits on your blog... not the url's, just the sentence that says "[your name] needs...". I tried with my real name and it's hilarious. Here it is:

1. Erin needs another miracle.

2. Auntie Erin needs a drink. (So true and it's only 9:30am)

3. Erin needs to wear shirts.

4. Erin needs what most white girl's crave - (this continued with explaining that I needed something in the form of the male member)

5. Erin needs to be naked too! (Come on, make up your minds. Do you want me to wear a shirt or do you want me to be naked?)

6. Erin needs to go to bed.

7. Erin needs volunteers.

8. Erin needs some friends to love her.

9. Erin needs intellectual and artistic opportunities.

10. Erin needs a boyfriend.

OK - that's all for now!

1 comment:

  1. LMAO!! Love your list!

    You suck at blogging though! You've had major new things since your last entry and yet NO UPDATES!!
    Now, I'm not an every day blogger, but I update at LEAST once a week!!!

    Now, I want ONE blog entry a week!!! Do it right before bed or something, but I DEMAND that you do.

    Love Ya!!!!!



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