Thursday, December 20, 2007

Boys Boys Everywhere!!!

Well, we had our 16 week check up on Wednesday. I got to break the news to THEM about the twins since my girlfriend gave us a freebie ultrasound at 14 weeks.

I met with the Physician's Assistant. She didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling when she walked into the room, and she didn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I showed her the twin's picture. She looked at the picture and said, "Well, this is going to change your whole pregnancy." DUH - LIKE I DIDN'T KNOW THAT.

She then proceeded to inform me that my office has a "Twin Protocol". The twin protocol is no ifs ands or buts I will be out of work at 24 weeks. 24 WEEKS - ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? I mean I understand if the babies or my health is an issue AT THAT TIME, but I feel it's a bit premature to be making this decision right now. I am going to call and make an appointment with MY doctor and discuss this. I think we should make these kinds of decisions week by week.

In other news, we were then scheduled for an ultrasound on Thursday. And we are having........


Boy oh Boy is it going to be crazy at our house!!!

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  1. Twins are SO fun!!!! I LOVE having them- it's amazing. Congratulations again!



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