Saturday, March 29, 2008

30 Weeks

Wow, 30 weeks. We are now in the single digit weeks countdown. Holy crap, I'm not ready!!!

We had a 30 week ultrasound and appointment this week. Everything looks great. Marcus (Baby A) is 3lbs. 8oz. and Maddox (Baby B) is 3lbs. 2oz. They are right on track with their weights. My boys already have little fuzzy heads too - I can't wait to see how much hair they will have by the time they come. Oh - and they are head down! Woo Hoo - they better stay that way. I so do not want a C-section.

Hm, what else. I gained 6lbs in two weeks - but was told by the doc that that is normal at this point. Sure, whatever you say. I have officially lost count on the weight gain, I really don't care.
Of course, my attitude will change once the boys come I'm sure. The doc also told me I'm still very spunky and should be the cover girl for Twin Mothers because I look great! She must have caught me on a good day LOL!!!

This is the end of week 2 home from work and I'm enjoying every moment. Not getting much done considering I can't move much, but I'm enjoying the time I get to spend with Steve. I really am going to have a difficult time going back to work. I LOVE being home.

That's it for week 30. I'll post a new belly shot soon.

Love to all who actually read this thing!!!


  1. Yay!! Your so close!!
    I can't wait to see those cutie patootie boys!!!

  2. I am waiting for another baby Belly shot.. I know I am weird..LOL I am so excited for you!!



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