Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Oh my gosh, I just love my boys!

I swear they changed over night. They are so happy and full of smiles. The other night when I put them to bed, they were wide awake and smiling at their mobile. It is the first time they actually looked at it. Then I saw Marcus look over at Maddox with a look on his face as if he was saying, " you see that?" That is the first time I've seen one of them acknowledge the other.

I'm thinking their crankiness last week had to do with the fact that I returned to work and their schedule was so out of whack. They just got uprooted from a normal daily routine, to complete utter chaos (sp?). This week they seem to be much better. Maddox rolled himself over during tummy time yesterday. This is a first for him. Marcus has done this 3 times now. Wow...I'm just so amazed with them.

They slept 8 hours last night. That's right 8 HOURS!!!!!!! Woot Woot! Of course I was up at 4 wondering when they would wake to eat. I really think they would have gone a little longer if I let them.

So this past week they have gone through so many firsts:
First cereal
First social smiles
First colds - yup - snot noses is what they currently are

They are getting so big so fast and changing every day. For as much as I want them to do more things...I want them to stay babies...babies that at least sleep through the night

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