Friday, January 23, 2009


Wow this week has flown by...with the exception of having to call for jury duty What a PITA!!! One day I have to report...then the next day I have to call at 12:45 for possible report in the afternoon. I've been messing with this all week long. I have to call again today at 12:45. Just call me in already so I can get this crap over with!!!

The baby bears are doing fabulously. They have slept all night the last 3 nights. They have a tendency to wake up and cry once or twice a night and of course not at the same time. I really think it's because I've had a talk with them each night that mommy and daddy really need their rest in order to be able to play all day :-)

So far so good on incorporating more table foods. Poppa Bear has been making baby food for their lunch for the last week - he is so my desperate housewife! I'm NOT buying anymore baby food with the exception of some stage 3 dinners for the evenings they have dinner with their sitters. I've been buying no sugar added applesauces...Motts has tons of different we do that with some cereal for breakfast. For lunch we do a vegetable and some YoBaby which they love. For a snack we do some puffs sometimes, chunks of banana sometimes, biter biscuits. And for dinner they do a stage 3 and some applesauce again. I really need to start just making myself dinner and mashing my dinner up and giving it to them. I think they'll be fine.

Of course they still are toothless wonders, so our meals can be somewhat limited. I can see their top teeth coming it's just a matter of when.

The Baby Bears are sitting up so well now. I still keep a pillow behind each of them just in case they want to fling themselves backward (Big Bear). When they get sick of sitting up they like to fling themselves. Big Bear can now get himself back up to a sitting position if he has fallen back onto the pillow.



Little Bear still rarely rolls from back to belly. He can do it, I've seen him do it only a handful of times, but I just think he's going to just crawl away someday without doing the rolling around like Big Bear.

Big Bear is up an all fours doing the rocking is so fun to watch. He manages to scooch all around backwards and thinks it is so much fun. He is obsessed with scooching to my sister's curtains when he's over there and playing with them. They are so fascinating to him.


Each and every day brings something new. I look forward to seeing what they'll do next.

We don't have anything planned this weekend. My two nephews and niece are coming over tonight so my sister can have a well-deserved break and get her nails done.

I just can not wait for summer to get here. I'm sick and tired of being cooped up in the house. I want to go for walks, go swimming, and just plain hang out outside.

Ok...that's all for now...I hope you all have a wonderful Friday...and a fantabulous weekend!!!

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