Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I Heart Faces - Creative Crop

It's another week and another challenge over at I Y Faces . This week's challenge is Creative Cropping.

For this challenge, the folks at I Y Faces view "creative cropping" in two ways:
1) You can creatively crop in the camera while you are taking the photo (maybe only shoot half the face or way off to one side) or
2) You can take a photo that badly needed some cropping and crop it down in a creative way.

This is my cropped photo. It is a photograph of our neice, Samara (cutie-pie huh?). Look at those eyes!

This is the uncropped version. And actually, I did do some in-camera cropping on this one but I think it needed a bit more.

Head on over to I Y Faces and submit YOUR Creative Crop, or browse through some of the amazing Adult & Children entries for your own ideas.


  1. Great picture!! Beautiful eyes!

  2. She is a cutie pie for sure. Such beautiful eyes she has. Great job cropping.

  3. Great picture!! She has some beautiful blue eyes!!

  4. What a honey! I loved the cropped AND uncropped version. She has a way of sucking you in with those eyes, huh?




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