Monday, March 9, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday, a day for all of us to air our dirty clean laundry. Thanks to MckMama the creater of this blog carnival, Mondays have become a day to tell all of those who actually read this blog of all the things I most certainly did not do this past week.

You all know that I am dumb perfect, and that I do not blame my lack of memory on Mom Brain still. There are only a few things I remember that I did not do this week so my Not Me's! will be short.

The bears had their first adventure in the plasticware cupboard last week. I did not turn them on to this cupboard in order to have a few moments to myself to cook dinner and clean up the kitchen. What kind of a mother needs to occupy her children's minds? Not me!

After said break adventure, I did not review the pictures and deam my plasticware unworthy of another photo shoot. I mean, who really keeps and reuses those disposable plastic containers your Chinese Take-Out comes in? I may be attempting to go green, but that's pushing it, isn't it? I did not visit one of my favorite stores last week and purchase new and improved plasticware. Did you know they sell plasticware with lids that snap together so you can actually organize and find the lids in the plasticware cupboard? I didn't.

I was fortunate enough to come into a bit of cashola (aka bonus) last week and decided to purchase a prize for myself. The Wii!!!!!! Can we say WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I could not wait until the bears went to bed Friday night so I could hook it all up and get my Wii on. I am not the kind of selfish mother who looks forward to bed time just so she can play video games. The Wii isn't considered video games is it? Then on Saturday night, Poppa Bear and I did not play the Wii from 8 - 11 and wake up the next morning with sore arms. My back muscles are not sore this morning from playing tennis before bed last night. I am not so out of shape that playing some dumb video game makes my muscles ache.

What didn't YOU do last week. Head on over to My Charming Kids and join in the fun!


  1. congrats on the new addition to the home, the wii...WE as your uncle and I have a wii, for the kids of course. I do like the golf game. Don't care for tennis, to much physical activity involved for the Professional Couch Potatoe...Have fun!!!

  2. First time reader here, love your blog! Great Not Me's!

  3. I once played the Wii at a friends house and couldn't figure out why I was so sore the next morning! Isn't it just sad that a video game can point out that you need more exercise!

  4. OMGosh, I'm laughing so hard that you have been invaded by the Wii and are loving it! I'm scared to get one for the sole fact that I will HURT MYSELF.

    My girls beg for one everyday almost and I just turn a deaf ear. Did I just say that? There must be some sort of weird echo in here. I listen to everything my kids say and respond appropriately.

    And if anyone believes that then I have some land in Florida for sale. Well, actually, I do! Anyone looking for a residential lot in Lehigh Acres, FL? Great locale for snowbirds. Seriously!

    Have a great week,



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