Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Heart Faces - No Flash!

This weeks challenge over at I Y Faces is "No Flash"

I must say, since I purchased me new lens, and starting taking photos without the flash, my photos are amazing!!! (Well..to me anyway)

Mine is a "Kids" entery (shocker)

My family room, on a sunny day, is THE.BEST. room to snap pictures. It is so bright and sunny.

This is a picture of Big Bear, just hanging out, blabbing away.

Stay tuned for Little Bear's "No Flash" debut during tomorrow's Wordless Wednesday post.

Head on over to I Y Faces to browse the amazing photos of both beginners and pro's. Who knows...maybe this will even inspire YOU.


  1. I cannot get over those gorgeous eyes! :-) Love it!

  2. Those eyes are to die for...BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Beautiful eyes and adorable picture! Great work!

  4. You must have some fantastic natural light going on in that room. That's a great pic.

    Of course, LOVE the eyes!

  5. Oh so very sweet!!! And of course I got sucked in looking at all your other recent pictures... such sweet little guys!

    Happy almost birthday!

  6. What a beautiful shot! Such pretty eyes & little sweet mouth!



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