Monday, March 23, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

So, as you all know, the Bears are two weeks away from celebrating their very 1st birthday. Because of this, I refuse to buy them new toys. Because I won't buy them new toys, it has become quite challenging to keep them entertained as they are bored with the toys they currently have.

As you read in this post, I did not find two remotes in our house that are no longer in use, I did not clean them up, did not remove the batteries, and I did not give them to the bears to play with. What kind of mother would allow their children to chew on remotes??? I did not take pictures of such a thing either.

I also, in another attempt to amuse my children, did not break out the laundrey basket and take them on a joy ride around the house. I did not let them hang in there for a while to explore and amuse themselves for a bit. I also did not document such a thing on camera.

When Big Bear was obviously so over playing in the basket, I did not snap a picture of my baby boy crying. What kind of mother would take a picture of her child when he just wants to be held and snuggled by his momma? Not me! This momma would never be so cruel.

I recently purchased a new toy lens for my camera. This one to be exact. I have no clue how to use it. I have more blurry than non-blurry photos and have lost a lot of good shots because of it. But I know in time that I will figure it out. I learn very well by doing, and also learn well from my mistakes. While playing with my new lens, I did not decide to attempt a self portrait.

Not too bad eh?
That's all for now. I think I've shared enough photos for one day. I finally loaded my pics from the past few weeks, so there will be plenty more opportunity for you to stalk visit me and get a glimpse into my life.
What didn't YOU do this week?


  1. i used to nanny for a baby boy up til he was just a few weeks past one, and one of my favorite things to do was put him in a laundry basket with a toy and drag him around the house wherever i went :) he just loved to be wherever i was, and i could do whatever i wanted! and when he got bored, i'd just give him a new toy :)

    also, SO exciting about your new lens! it's very hard to get exact focus with that lens, but once you figure it out, you're going to LOVE it!

  2. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of for repurposing worn-out remotes making them totally new and useful again as toys for the Bears. That's what resourceful Mothers do!

    Envious that you even have a camera that you can change the lens on. Happy for you, but envious still. What kind of camera do you shoot with anyway?

    LOVE the self portrait! The clear, non blurry one, that is. Have fun tinkering with your new toy!

    Have a great week,

  3. Hey laundry baskets and remotes are the best toys! The kind of things they constantly go after anyway.. TigerBoy currently has our 2 old cell phones.......He uses them often.
    I suppose you could say it's recycling.....hee hee.....



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