Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Working Mommy Wednesdays

Julia over at Sweet As Punkin Pie added something new to her weekly working mommy feature, a question of the week.  Each week she will post a question to all of us working moms for us to answer and link up to her blog.

This weeks burning question is: 
Have you ever or would you ever call in "sick" if you weren't really sick? (to your job, or even to a function that you were supposed to attend) Have you ever been "caught"?.

Well Julia, yes, yes I would, and have.  BUT, I don't think I've ever been caught.

Actually, before children, I used to do it more regularly than I do now.  I always had the mentality, "If you have sick time, use it!"  I didn't take those days off for anything all that great though.  I would sleep in, lounge around, and watch TV all day.  My word how I took my life and time so for granted those days.

Today is a different story.  My sick time is reserved not for my sick days (I'm one of those people that go to work sick), but for my children's sick days.  And oh how thankful I am that my employer even has such a benefit. 

There are no more of those lounge around watching TV days going on in my house.  Maybe some day when the kids are a little older, they will understand the importance of pajamas and TV all day :-)


  1. Stopping by from Julia's hop and I too miss those mental health days, when I was "AHEM" sick and like you unless I am REALLY sick I am at work.

    Your boys are really cute. I have twin girls that just turned 1 in November.

  2. it's totally different now that you have kids, isn't it?? you know what's sad, i never did that before i had kids and i wish i would have. now, i would take a "sick " day in a heartbeat just to spend the day w/ my kids!!

  3. You could not have said it better!!! We didn't really know how much freedom we had before kids, even just to take a NAP! lol!



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