Monday, January 4, 2010

I Would Like To Thank The Academy

Wow!  I got an award!  My first ever!  Thank you so much Tammy!  I feel so special!!!

In receiving this award, I must list 10 things that make me happy, and then pass this award onto ten others.

Things That Make Me Happy

1.  Being showered, make-uped, and coffeed before the rest of my house wakes up.

2.  Seeing my fellas first thing in the morning.

3.  Long naps (for the kids, not me).

4.  A nice, toasty, warm, car.

5.  No dishes in the sink.

6.  The genuine smile on my husband's face when he's playing with our children.

7.  A fully cleaned house.

8.  Starting a new book.

9.  Free lunch at work.

10.  Floating in my parent's pool in the summer (with a frosty beverage of course).

I would like to pass this award onto Heather at It's Twinsanity, Pam at Twenty Little Piggies (maybe you'll update your blog now LOL), El at Profoundly Seth & Co., Nicole at Four Lane Highway, Jennifer at The Foster Family, Amanda at My Not So Extraordinary But Always Exciting Life, Samantha at Mama Notes, Sarah at Kingdom Twindom + 1, Julia at Sweet As Punkin Pie, and last by certainly not least Lacie at Life Down Our Lane.


  1. you ROCK!! thank you!! I'm slow getting to my awards so i will accept this sometime this week on my blog!! thanks friend!! :)

  2. Thank you!!! I'm going to post it this week!



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