Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Working Mommy Wednesdays

How 'bout that? We've made it another week, and to another one of Julia's Working Mommy Wednesdays.  Her question for us this week is:

What one (or two, or three, or four....) household chores do you loathe?


I HATE cleaning bathrooms.

We have three of them, well, 2 and a half of them in our house.  I am only responsible for 1 and a half of them as I refuse refuse refuse to clean Poppa Bear's bathroom.

Bathrooms just all out gross me out. 

And I HATE scrubbing.  And bathtubs = scrubbing.  Bathtubs are just so not mom cleaning user friendly.

If you follow me on twitter, you would have read on Sunday that I had just finished bleaching my bathrooms.  You would have also read that I wasn't feeling so hot after that.

I think I burned off my sense of smell and all I could taste was bleach.

What I would give for a cleaning lady.  Or maybe someone to just do the bathrooms. 

I know even if I had a cleaning lady, I would still clean.  I have a hard time NOT cleaning.  I'm good at it.

So what household chore(s) do you hate doing?  Join in the fun over at Sweet As Punkin Pie.


  1. ugh... bathrooms. another nasty one. but when they're clean, they look so nice. and i don't blame you for NOT cleaning papa bear's bathroom... i wouldn't clean my hubby's either!!

  2. I must agree with you! I also dislike cleaning the kitchen for some hubby just does it soo much better than me i guess!

  3. Bathrooms are a chore I hate too! But I think I hate dishes just a little more!



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