Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Play Date

This past Sunday, two of my girlfriends came over with their beautiful children for a playdate.  I of course had to break out the camera and get my Mamarazzi on.

Tyler is an adorable, almost one year old with the most enchanting blue eyes.  He has a constant smile on his face that is seriously contagious.  I swear I have never seen this darling boy cry.  He is a busy boy (just wait Amanda!) and was hard to catch. 

I think Tyler's mom needs to come over another day for another photo shoot (hint hint).

Next up is this angelic baby boy, Aiden.  Aiden is twelve weeks old. 

Oh my! Oh dear!  He is so peaceful. 
Seeing this photo makes me yearn for another baby.

His hair. Just look at that magnificant hair!

And these feet!  I could have photographed these feet over and over and over. 
Oh wait, I did! 
Look at those curled up little toes!
I remember when Marcus and Maddox used to curl up their toes like that.

~ Sigh ~
Such breathtaking little boys, Tyler and Aiden. 

Amanda and Beth, thanks for coming to play this past weekend. This is only the beginning of our many playdates to come.  I can already see our boys growing up and getting into trouble together.

You are extraordinary mothers.

And I am lucky to have you as friends.


  1. Those were some great pics you took!! I am trying to figure out how to use the manual setting on my camera..it's difficult! I love playdates!! We don't do to many of them anymore, but I am hoping to do more for my Naomi girl soon!!

  2. Hi there Goldylocks...I am a friend of Amanda's in Cleveland, OH. Can you come to Cleveland? You are incredibly talented. What precious moments you captured.

  3. Beautiful pictures! And I LOVE that hair! Why do boys always get that great, full head of hair? My girls were bald for about 9 months!

  4. Great job Erin! Those pictures are beautiful!!

  5. Girl, you are doing NOTHING for my baby fever with those pictures... NOTHING!

    Your comment on my blog made me laugh... I often spend time after a conversation ends thinking up quick-witted (or in my case, not-so-quick-witted) responses to whoever p'd me off!

    Confessions From A Working Mom



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