Monday, February 15, 2010


To be real or not to be real?  THAT is my question.

There are many mom bloggers out there that are so real.  Tell us (almost) everything that is going on in their lives, good or bad.

I'm fightning with whether I want to keep this blog clean and pure.

Do I want to just write about the warm and fuzzy in my life?

Or do I want to share the (sometimes) cold and prickly things going on in my life?

This is a public blog. With readers that I've never met, and readers that I speak to and see every day.

I don't want to hurt feelings, but yet, I want to be REAL.

My life is not always (but mostly is) warm and fuzzy.

But some days it is pretty damn cold and prickly.


  1. That is a tough one! I'm still new to blogging so I am really not quite sure about this yet. There are a few posts that I wanted to really unload in but then I think "so & so will be reading" and I stop myself!!??

  2. tough one. i've been thinking about this since Jan 1. and like you, i have real life people (relatives, husband, IL's, etc.) that read it. that having been said, i would NEVER write anything about a family member that would hurt feelings. the only time i would consider writing about something NOT warm and fuzzy is my relationship with my husband. and if i did decide to write some of the difficult times, i would definitely talk to him about it first.

    talk about it with your husband. maybe he has some insight from an outsiders opinion. it is definitely important to keep the relationships you have with those people. some people (like MckMama) have obviously come to terms with her husband and can post freely (although she speaks to him first about it).

    keep praying about it.

  3. I am a new reader (loving your blog so far!), so I certainly don't know what kinds of things you might be referring to. BUT, I have found the blogs I enjoy reading more are the "real" ones. Blogs that only post about how cute and sweet their kids are get boring quickly. None of us have perfect lives, and I think it builds a kinship among readers when we see that everyone has some sort of struggle. Just a thought! : )

  4. LOL Deanna reads my blog and I'm very real!

    My advice is to go real - I do have a rule that I won't air husband laundry except in very general terms. other than that, everything is fair game.

  5. Cold and prickly is where it is at. Go for it.



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