Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hold Me...I'm Scared

Well I did it.

I hired our first ever, teen-aged, paid babysitter.

Hold me...I'm scared.

It's time.

Currently my sister watches the fellas three days a week from 2 - 5.  When summer comes, I would like her to have a break so she can spend some extra time with her own kiddos.  So for summer, she is going to have them two days a week instead of the three.  Because of this, it was time to find a baby sitter.

Hubby and I have been out twice since our men were born. And by out I mean about two hours out. Twice in two years.  Sad I know.  I have a hard time asking family to watch the boys for us to go out on the weekend when they have already helped out during the week.  Because of this, it was time to find a baby sitter.

Luckily we have an awesome family living next door.  Their daughter is 15, and currently babysits other children on our street.  I asked their daughter if she would be interested in watching the boys for us on Fridays in the summer from 2 - 5 and she said yes.

This Friday, hubby will be working and I've been invited to a jewelry party just a few doors down.  Normally I would take the boys to something like a jewelry party, but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get the sitter over and introduced to the boys.  She'll only be with them for a few hours, her mom is right next door, and I am right down the street. 

Hold me...I'm scared.

She is going to come early so she can hang with me and the boys, and the boys can get to know her.  I don't think the boys are going to care one bit...they will have a blast flirting with  showing off for her which is what they usually do around new people.  I plan on coming home around bed time so I can show her what their bed time routine is like.

Sounds like a good plan...right?  Please please humor me and tell me this is ok, and that I will be ok.

This whole hiring a teen-aged sitter thing makes me feel old.  Like OLD.  I swear it was just last year that I was a twelve year old girl watching three children three days a week.  Yes, twelve years old and three children! Yikes those parents were brave. 

So tell me, have you hired a teen-aged babysitter?  How did it work out? Were you a wreck?

I just thought of something....what if she calls me Mrs. Goldylocks?  Oh.My.Gosh.  I am SO not down with that. 

Hold me...I'm scared.


  1. All our babysitters have been teenagers (and we have 4 kids) and it's always worked out well. I've never been nervous leaving the kids with a babysitter. I guess it's because I was someone's babysitter when I was 12 and their parents trusted me.

    I hope it all works out well because you deserve a break!

  2. Erin,
    You'll be fine!! And more importantly, they'll be fine!!!!
    Enjoy yourself!!!

  3. YES! You will be fine and your boys will be fine! (((Hugs)))

  4. My husband is always wanting me to "find" a babysitter so we can have a life outside of home/work. I haven't been able to let my babies go in the hands of stranger either. I hope this goes great for you and will encourage me to do the same!! I can say when we used daycare for the first time I was a WRECK!!!

  5. This post cracks me up, because I also remember being 13 or so and watching other peoples' kids. And now I'm like "What were they thinking?"

    But just like your situation, my mom was right down the street and I never had any problems at all. I'm sure it will all be fine!! Especially since the girl already has experience babysitting. Don't worry. :)

    The little girl that I used to babysit when I was in high school is almost 10, and by the time I have kids, she'll probably be babysitting mine!

  6. i used to work at a university so i had babysitters galore with all the athletes i trained!! but there were only a SELECT few that I would be comfortable watching my kids. of course, me, the nazi mom, writes everything down from sleep schedules to food to toys. i'm crazy. once i had a 14 year old watch the kids, but the kids were already in bed. so that wasn't bad.

    dont be afraid to ask family. i know it's hard but you HAVE to have time with hubs. it's so important.

  7. When our girls were little we didn't go out much either! But I used to work and hubby and I's schedules would overlap. I asked my then 12 year old neice to watch my girls for like 1-2 hours till hubby came home. I was very nervous, but it was fine!! Good luck!! And schedule a date night soon! If I lived closer I would! :)


  8. You are brave! We still have our 58 year old nanny sit for G on teh weekends when we go out.

    LOL at the "Mrs." comment. I haven't been called Mrs. ____ ever! I'm sure the day is coming.

    I expect a full review on this, by the way.

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