Friday, August 27, 2010

Quiet ~ Peace ~ Silence

Most mothers know, that when the house is quiet, it means one of two things:
The children are sleeping, safely contained in their cribs, or they are up to no good.  

One night last week I was vacuuming the upstairs.  The boys were up there with me playing in their room.  I can usually hear them fighting over toys while I'm vacuuming, so when I didn't hear anything I was curious as to what kind of mischief those two were into.

I was expecting to see that both of the boys had climbed to the top of their book shelves, or that they somehow had figured out how to open the second story window and managed to escape out of it.

Instead, much to my surprise and delight, I found each of them contently reading a book.  Marcus in their room, curled up in the rocking chair and Maddox in the guest/toy room lounging on the day bed.

Quiet ~ Peace ~ Silence

Then they saw me and it was over.


  1. That's the kind of mischief I would like to find! I can't wait for the days when my girls and I all curl up with our books and enjoy some quiet reading time. (That will probably remain a dream for many years to come! ha!) Love the pictures!

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  3. Isn't that when you see/hear the best things! I loved listening to the girls when they didn't know I was entertaining! Hopefully you'll start seeing more of this and less can hope! :) have a great weekend!



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