Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just Thursday ~ September 2, 2010

Outside my window.. it's dark and muggy outside. 

The time is.. 9:10pm Wednesday (I'm cheating and writing my post the night before)
Today I feel.. full and sleepy.  Had Gnocci for lunch and I've been in a Gnocci Coma ever since.
I am thinking.. The weekend.  It's hubby's birthday weekend.  I am broke and have no clue what to do about that and his birthday gift or lack of one.  I feel horrible...he bought me a convertable for our anniversary and I don't even have the funds to buy him a cheap gift. 
At the moment, I am thankful.. that it's almost time to go to bed.  I've been extra tired lately.
I am going.. to bed soon.
I am wearing.. knee length shorts and a tank top.  It's been super hot this week.  I HATE shorts as I HATE my legs, but becuase of the temperature I really don't have a choice.
I wish.. I could buy my husband a Netbook for his birthday.  He has been ogling over them for a few weeks now.
I am reading.. This Family of Mine by, Victoria
I am working on.. nothing really.
I am hoping.. for a small miracle. 
I am hearing.. the boys chatting & playing in their cribs when they should be sleeping and HGTV.  There's nothing good on tonight and no shows recorded on my DVR list.  Makes for a boring night.
Around the house.. it's clean.  I'm looking at our old smelly dog asleep on the floor at my feet.
I bet you didn't know.. that I am still carrying around 30lbs. of pregnancy weight.  The boys are almost 2.5 years old so I really can't blame it on them anymore.  I know I need to exercise and eat healthy.  I have the healthy part down somewhat, it's the exercise I just can't get motivated to do.  Oh, and eating those new Cheeseburger Combos a bit ago isn't helping matters much.  Have y'all tried those things?  Y-U-M-M-Y!
One of my favorite.. beverages is Diet Dr. Pepper.  I could drink this stuff  I finally put an end to buying soda for the house because that was all I would drink.  So unhealthy.
My weekend plans include.. going out to dinner with the hubs Friday for his birthday.  Saturday the weather is supposed to be horrible, dropping into the 60's and rain, so I'm going to make sauce and let it simmer all day, perfect yucky weather food.  Sunday we are going to a Clam Bake with friends.  These are our friends that have children so I'm looking forward to hanging out with other moms who know how it is.  I'm sure us moms won't have a chance to talk as we'll be chasing our children while the husbands get to hang out, have guy talk, and not notice what their kids are doing.  Monday we have nothing planned, we are contemplating taking the kids to the beach.

How is YOUR Thursday? I'd really like to know.  Click on over to Abby's place to share.

P.S.  It has taken me an hour to write this simple post as my children are boycotting bed time and keep throwing things out of their cribs, needing their binkies, needing their blankets, needing their lambies and monkeys, and on and on and on.  I am listening to Marcus whine right now and wonder if I should just ignore him until he falls asleep or if he really needs me.  Ok, he's quiet now, please pray it lasts.

Nope, he's whining again.

Ok, it's quiet again.

Nope, there he goes.

Ok, now he's quiet but he's playing with Scout.  That's ok, as long as he's not whining.

Ok, I'm signing off now.

Nighty night, or Good Morning...since I'm scheduling this to post Thursday morning :-)

Ramble much?

P.P.S.  He's asleep now.

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  1. Isn't that so the truth about friend get togethers. The men have very selective sight and hearing when it comes to the kiddos!



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