Thursday, November 18, 2010

Just Thursday ~ November 18, 2010

Outside my's cold, windy, and rainy.  Guess it's time to get used to this kind of weather as we'll be seeing it for several months to come.

The time is..12:31PM

Today I feel..starving.  I haven't had anything to eat yet, which is so unlike me....but work was busy all morning.  Now that I have a second to breathe the hunger has set in.

I am thinking..about how sad I am that Abby is no longer going to be hosting Just Thursday.

At the moment, I am thankful..that lunch is on the way.

I am inhale my Gnocci and Meatball as soon as my coworker returns with it :-)

I am wearing..dark brown dress paints, a dark brown lace cami, and a light brown/beigeish sweater.

I wish..I had a money that would be in FULL bloom this time of year.

I am reading..well...I have a few books and magazines sitting on my counter that I haven't opened.  Does that count as reading?

I am working on..getting the docket together for Monday & Tuesday's court sessions.

I am hoping..for a relaxing weekend.

I am hearing..the radio and the time stamp machine clicking every few minutes.

I bet you didn't know..I still haven't quit smoking...and I still haven't started on my Chantix.  I have the script's just waiting for me to start taking it.

One of my favorite..days of the year is the day after Thanksgiving.  I decorate the house for Christmas that day.  I can't wait to decorate this year with the fellas.  They are really going to get a kick out of it this year.

Weekend Plans..

[Thursday] We are celebrating my nephews birthday at my house tonight.  I'll have to run home and start building pizzas right away as I have four to make.
[Friday] No plans.  Probably hang with my sister and after the kiddos go to bed, do her nails.
[Saturday] Nothing planned.  Probably hang with the fellas, clean, and grocery shop.
[Sunday] Taking the fellas to some sort of a train show my husband heard about.  I'm thinking it's model trains.  The boys will love it...and it will be a couple hours of FREE favorite!

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