Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just Thursday

Outside my window..there is some big bright thing in the sky. It hurt my eyes this morning.  What on earth is it?
Today I feel..psyched!
I am thinking..about my weigh-in this morning.  Down THREE pounds for a total weight loss so far of 12.5 pounds.
I am thankful..for my husband.  He is my number one fan, always so supportive and there to cheer me on.
Tomorrow I am work, and then take the kids to one of my nephews' lacrosse games.
I am wearing..gray dress paints, a purple shirt, and a cute little three quarter sleeved jacket.
I wish..that I didn't have to exercise.  But I know I have to.  I really haven't exercised since before I got pregnant with the boys.  Once I lose this weight, I'm going to be all soft and flabby.  I MUST get started now so once the weight is off my muscles will be tight too.
This weekend getting a pedicure and going to a professional lacrosse game with my sister and her family on Saturday.  No plans on Sunday which is exactly what I like.
I am reading..nothing.  I have several books to read but just haven't found the time to crack those babies open.
I am working on..becoming healthy.  I quit smoking, went off the birth control pill {no, we are not trying to get pregnant} that I was on for way too many years, and changed my eating habits.
Yesterday I..worked, made an awesome dinner of Tilapia, brown rice and green beans, of which my children ate ALL of.  My girlfriend came over and I gave her a manicure and pedicure.  And then the boys and I had a dance party in the family room.
I am hoping..that pizza night tonight isn't as loud and crazy as it has been lately.  My nephews tend to get a little nutso when they come to my house {why? I don't know} and it can be kinda stressful.
I am hearing..the second hand moving on the clock in my office.  It's kinda loud.
I bet you didn't know..that I took cake decorating classes many years back.  I used to LOVE baking and decorating cakes.  I haven't made/decorated a cake since we moved into our house five years ago.  I really need to brush up on my skills {read that Napolean Dynamite style} and make the boys' birthday cake this year.  Sad that I have this talent and haven't put it to use with my children.
One of my favorite..days of the week is Thursday...because it's pizza night but also my *cheat* night.  I get to pig out on pizza AND dessert. {Last week I had four slices of BBQ Pizza AND two slices of Cheesecake!} (and I still managed to lose 3 pounds)
My Valentine's plans include..nothing special.  Hang out with the hubs and the kiddos on Sunday.  I won't see my hubby on Valentine's Day except for a brief moment when I get home from work and he leaves.

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