Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Thursday

Outside my window..I have no clue what it's like outside.  I haven't seen out there since was kinda cloudy and getting *warm* for Western NY standards. 
Today I feel..rested.
I am stomach is full...but my brain is still hungry.
I am thankful..for losing .5lbs this week.  I binged on beer, M&M's, and homemade chocolate/butterscotch/m&m cookies.  I thought for sure I would gain and prayed I would at least stay the same.  .5! Woo Hoo!
Tomorrow I am do whatever I want.  I'm taking the day off.  I have to grocery shop and buy my mom a birthday gift...other than plans.
I am wearing..gray dress paints and this really cute black shirt my sister gave me that makes me feel good about myself.
I wish..that I could be one of those people that could eat anything they want.
This weekend I..don't have much going on.  Boys have a hair cut appointment on Saturday and I am getting my brows and hairy lip ripped off :-)
I am reading..nuttin'
I am working on..collecting money from criminals.
Yesterday I..worked, played with the fellas, and cleaned the house.
I am hoping..that my girlfriend brings an amazing dessert to Pizza Night's my cheat night.
I am hearing..the radio.
I bet you didn't know..that I drink about 120 ounces of water when I'm at work....but I barely touch it when I'm at home.
One of my favorite..I've said this before and I'll say it of my favorite days of the week is Thursday because it's Pizza Night!!!
If I could travel anywhere..I would choose..Europe.  Yes...ALL of Europe.  You didn't think I'd pick just one country did you? :-)

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