Saturday, April 23, 2011


  • I bought a new coffee maker yesterday and WOW the coffee tastes fabulous. So glad the other one bit the dust.
  • I still need to upload and edit the boys' 3rd birthday festivities.
  • Which means I still owe ya'll a birthday post.
  • Heck, I still owe you a Christmas post {ha!}
  • I am a slacker, you probably know that by now.
  • It's not like I'm busy or anything {grin}
  • I am getting more and more excited to announce to you my newest venture, or should I say ADventure.
  • But you have to wait about another week.
  • You know how I bought those Zumba DVD's and how excited I was to do them? Well, I've done ONE of the DVD's only TWO times. 
  • Have I told you how much of a slacker I am?
  • I have been off the dieting bandwagon since mine and they boy's birthday.
  • I am very disappointed with myself.
  • I was doing SO good.
  • I'll get back on track.  I know I will.  I HAVE to.
  • There is someone in my life that has had a very negative attidude lately.
  • Or should I say I think they've had it for several years now.
  • But it's just starting to get to me.
  • I have no idea what I should do to help them turn themselves around.
  • But something must be done.
  • I am a VERY glass is half full kid of girl and can not be brought down with someone else's glass is half empty attitude.
  • My living room project is DONE. 
  • I am so excited to share it with you.
  • The only thing left is new furniture.
  • Which we are not purchasing until the animals are gone.
  • Which will be sooner rather than later.
  • Our dog has a GIANT tumor on his back.
  • He's had diarrhea on our carpet twice this past month.
  • He has NEVER had accidents like that before.
  • I will be upset when he's gone.
  • But so glad to not have to smell old man dog smell and clean up his constant slobber from the floors, walls, and sometimes ceiling.
  • Next project is the kitchen.
  • Painting the ceiling and walls.
  • Installing new trim in the whole room.
  • Eventually new floors {we have the original still...33 years old}, countertops, and if I can convice the glass block backsplash {evil grin}.
  • New accessories as well.  I've already been bookmarking many blogs with fabulous decor ideas.
  • It's 8:36am and my husband and the kids are still sleeping.
  • I love my quiet mornings to myself.
  • I just looked up into the living room and realized the project isn't over yet.
  • I have a new painting to hang.
  • I'll get right on that and share with you soon.
  • Like maybe in a few months.
  • Have I told you I'm a slacker?
Hope you have a wonderful Saturday and a very special Easter!

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