Sunday, April 27, 2008

Change in Plans

Well, Maddox decided he does NOT want to come home before his brother. He had a breathing issue the other night so he will not be coming home today and his countdown has restarted. Today is now day 2 of 7.

So far Marcus remains on his original countdown. He is on day 4 of 7.

I of course cried when the nurse told me. For a second though. She felt so bad, but I should have expected it. I'm not getting my hopes up anymore until the actual day comes and they say, "Ok you can go home now." Their nurse did say yesterday that she rarely sees babies pass their first 7 day countdown.

Marcus & Maddox already have their first eye appointments next week (providing they are both home). They have to have their eyes examined due to prematurity and the fact that they required oxygen. Lets just hope that some day in the future they do not get their mothers eyesight because it sucks!

That's all for now - I will update more as soon as I know more.

Thanks to all of you for your continuous prayers and support!!!

1 comment:

  1. Oh what huge disappointment for you both! That had to be devastating. :( Hopefully they can get back on their schedule and make it home soon! It was nice seeing you the other day!



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