Monday, May 5, 2008

Home Sweet Home

The boys are home!!!

Marcus came home Wednesday and Maddox came home on Sunday. It's a wonderful thing. We pretty much already have a routine down. The boys are so good and of course sleep a lot. It's amazing how much we can actually get done now that we aren't spending all of our time at the hospital.

Steve has been wonderful. He is such a great daddy! He has jumped into father-hood without looking back. I don't know how I would do it without him.

Here are some pics. I hope to have my own little photoshoot with the boys sometime this week! They have their first appointment at the pediatrician today, can't wait to see how much they've gained over the last few days.

Marcus's first car ride

Maddox's first car ride.

Maddox & Marcus

Mommy & Marcus

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  1. Such beautiful boys! Glad they're finally home.. :)



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