Monday, June 9, 2008

Wow - Getting So Big

For those of you who actually read this blog, I'm so sorry I haven't updated. As you can imagine, life is pretty busy with 2 baby boys in the house! Every moment has been such a joy.

2 month check-up today. 10 weeks old - 1 week adjusted

Marcus 9lbs. 5oz. 20 & 3/4 inches (last month 6lbs. 2oz.)

Maddox 9lbs. 3oz. 20 & 1/3 inches (last month 5lbs. 10oz.)

I just can not get over their weights. I really only thought they were about 7.5lbs. They were such champs getting their shots. They each screamed for a second. I held them, Steve couldn't handle it. I am so the "tough guy" in this parenting duo, or at least I look like it while inside my heart is breaking for them. They screamed more though when having tape removed from their faces EVERY day in the NICU. My little well BIG tough guys! I was going to give them a bath tonight, but they have been pretty fussy and are now fast asleep. I don't dare wake them up just to give them a bath, it can wait until tomorrow.

My new favorite thing to do is wear Marcus & Maddox. I got the Moby Wrap. That thing is so freaking awesome. I think every single mother needs to own this. You can use it even when your children are toddlers. Obviously I won't be wearing BOTH when they are toddlers. Could you imagine? LOL

I'm sitting hear listening to that new Sprout channel commercial where the kids are singing the 3 Little Birds song by Bob Marley (of which I added to my playlist on this blog so you can hear it). This song makes me cry. One day Steve and I were on our way to the hospital to see the boys and we were listening to Bob Marley. 3 Little Birds came on and after the "Don't worry...about a thing....cause every little thing's....gonna be allright" verse, Steve says to me, "This song is for our boys." We both then lost it. Ever since, this song is for Marcus & Maddox. I sing it to them every day and it makes me cry every single time. God I love them so much, thank you, thank you so much for these beautiful blessings.



Wearing my boys

Marcus & Maddox

Daddy and his boys

Ok, that's all for now...I hear babies a stirrin'. Time to eat!!!


  1. It was SO nice to see and the boys this weekend. They're so beautiful. See you again soon hopefully! Oh, how'd you make out with the security tag? Watch out for those size stickers! LOL

  2. They are such sweetpeas, love them to pieces! And so big!!!



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