Tuesday, June 24, 2008



Maddox needs surgery. Like next week. Holy Shit I was not expecting it to be so soon.

It's your standard hernia surgery, but it still breaks my heart. He's way too little. There are so many people whose children have been through so much more than mine that I feel guilty being upset about a hernia surgery. But I am...and I bawled the majority of the day yesterday.

His surgery is set for Wednesday. I have to call Tuesday to find out what time we have to be there. He will have to stay the night. Normally it's an in & out but because he was a preemie, they want to monitor him overnight to make sure he doesn't forget to breathe. I will be staying with him and daddy will be staying home with Marcus that night. Thank God my in-laws don't work as they will be with Marcus during the day. I dread being away from Marcus for a whole day and night.

Maddox will not be allowed formula after midnight, but will be able to have clear liquids up to 4 hours before surgery. We tried him out with diluted applejuice today. He loved it.

So, my first week back to work and I already have to take time off. Ohwell, sucks to be them. My babes come first. I am secretly hoping inside that they terminate me. Technically my job is no longer protected under FMLA since the 12 weeks ran out weeks ago. Maybe the HR Director will be there to greet me and tell me they have replaced me. One can only dream.

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