Wednesday, July 16, 2008

July 3

Maddox had his surgery yesterday. Here I sit, in his hospital room at 5:53am.

He was and is such a champ. He couldn't have any formula past 12 Tues night or any apple juice after 3am. They didn't bring him in for surgery until 8:45am! I can not believe the apple juice made him happy enough for that long, but he didn't complain even once.

The surgery was quick, but still so hard to hand your baby off to some stranger.

He woke up fully and had a full bottle at noon yesterday and pretty much acted like himself. He ate at his usual schedule...I swear him and his brother are connected because even with us here, they have stayed on the same schedule. Thank you Lord for tiny miracles.

We get to go home at some point this morning. Steve and Marcus will come get us. I miss my Marcus. I've NEVER been away from him for as long as yesterday and last night. He did great with daddy though.

I'm tired. So tired. Not a wink of sleep. I don't know how you mom's get ANY sleep when you let your babies sleep in your room. He woke me up constantly...with noises I'm sure he makes at home but he's in his own room so I don't hear every.single.sound. That and is oxygen saturation monitor went off constantly due to his kicking around. That monitor was so fucking loud. Hope DH is prepared...I'm going to bed as soon as I get home.

That's all here in Goldylocks land...all is well.

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