Wednesday, January 7, 2009

M&M 9 Months

Maddox and Marcus had their 9mo check-ups yesterday. They are getting so big.

Height 29.5 85th percentile
Weight 19.6 29th percentile
Head 17.25 11th percentile

Height 29 73rd percentile
Weight 18.10 19th percentile
Head 17 4th percentil

Everything is looking good...they are right on track for their growth. They are also right on track milestone-wise for their adjusted age of 7mo. The doctor said to go ahead and start table foods. I'm a nervous wreck. What the heck do I feed them? How much? Guess I'm going to have to actually start making food around here LOL. I have to say though, that I can not wait to stop buying baby food. I buy 50 jars of food a week. That's right FIFTY. It's insane. It's convieniant though, just grab a jar when they're hungry.

I am also adjusting their schedule starting today both feeding & sleeping.

Currently the boys eat bfast/bottle at 7:30/8, lunch/bottle at 11:30/12, bottle at 2, dinner/juice at 5, bottle at 7:30. Yesterday, they missed that 2:00 and never even made a I'm adjusting that schedule too. Instead of a bottle at 2, we're going to do "snack" and a sippy with water/juice and then instead of juice w/dinner a bottle. We shall see how that goes. I gave them a few puffs yesterday at dinner, and they did really well...I was so afraid they were going to choke.

As for sleeping....we are going to try to put them down for a nap at 10 and another around 2. And last I heard, they went down at 9:30 and Marcus woke up at 10 and Maddox at 10:30. Yikes....I'm sure it will take a few days to adjust.

In other news my company is not doing well due to the downturn of the economy. I think they may be laying off a number of folks in the very near future. My fear is that I may be on that list. I don't know what we would do if I lost my job. I mean, sometimes I wish I would be layed off, and figure out a way to get by with me going back to doing nails for a living. But the schedule of someone in the beauty business sucks and there are NO benefits. But the thought of doing something fun again for a living sounds so sweet. Only time will tell I guess.

I think DH is really worrying about me losing my job. I told him about what I thought and he says he doesn't have a good feeling about it. To be honest...I don't either. I've been with my company for 10 years Feb 1.

This entry is starting to bore and stress me out so I'll end now.

Have a great day!

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  1. i'm sorry to hear about your job :( that's a bummer. i hope it all works out! and i'm glad that the boys are doing so well!



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