Friday, June 12, 2009


Not much exciting happenin' here on the homefront. That is probably a good thing I think.

As you all know, I was sick last week...ended up with a horrible sinus infection. Never had one of those and ugh it was not fun. My teeth even hurt. And the strange thing is it was only on my RIGHT side. The whole right side of my face hurt. Makes me think of my dad and one of his favorites:

Dad: How's your face feel?

Me: Fine

Dad: It's killing me! HA HA HA

He's got another that he likes to:

Dad (while driving by a cemetary): People are DYING to get in there!!! Hardy har har!'re a funny one...yes you are!

The bears have been great. I swear every day I love them even more. I love them so much I could explode. I was having one of those kind of nights last night. I would just sit on the floor with them and watch them and think, "God I'm so lucky. I love these boys so much." I am so blessed to have them in my life.

They have this new thing with me. The minute I sit on the floor they crawl right over and both climb onto my lap. Oh how I love it so. They are just the loviest babies. They like to lay their heads down on my lap or shoulder. I think it's their way of hugging me. Makes my heart melt.

I saw the bears give each other a kiss on the lips for the very first time. Oh how sweet. They love each other.

Big Bear is very sure of his standing abilities these days. Once in a while I catch him letting go and standing all alone for a second or two.

Little Bear has figured out how to get down the 2 steps into the family room. Face first, slithering like a lizard. I have yet to witness this but Poppa Bear says it's true.

We have no plans for the weekend. Poppa Bear has to work on Saturday which is normal so it's just me and the boys. Oh..I AM getting out for a bit (thank you Mima!) to get my hair done and get this mustache ripped off of my lip. My sister is a hair dresser (thank you Jess!) which I am so very lucky and thankful for. I think it's time for something fun and funky! I used to be such a dare-devil with my hair. Always a funky never knew what I would look like from day to day. When did I become so mainstream? I think maybe I'll have to do some before and afters.

Well..that's all for now....what do YOU have planned for the weekend?

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  1. My weekend will consist of hanging with my sick princess:(



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