Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Operation: Visit Easter Bunny

Operation: Visit Easter Bunny was ...... a SUCCESS!!!

Woo Hoo!  I'm so proud of my little men.  Not a single tear was shed.  They even gave Mr. (or is it Mrs.) Easter Bunny a high five when they were saying goodbye.

If you read last year's visit to the Easter Bunny, and their first encounter with Santa, you would understand my joy in yesterday's moment.  

After visiting the Easter Bunny, the boys (and momma) enjoyed another first.  Riding the little train at the mall.  They had an absolute BLAST!

These photos are prime examples of how much my babies have grown into little boys.  I can not believe in a little over a week they will be turning 2.  It seams like just yesterday Marcus and Maddox were teeny, tiny babies that depended on me and daddy to provide them with everything.  Today, they are independent little boys who no longer want mommy and daddy to do it all for them.



  1. What a super cool Easter Bunny...he has a train! Gauge would LOVE that. My kids were actually just asking about visiting the bunny yesterday.
    ~ Lacie

  2. Congrats! Definite cuteness :)

  3. Way to go Easter Bunny! To get one of my boys to FINALLY like Santa, I had to go visit Santa, sit on his lap, and do the whole Santa expereince, and no he and Santa are friends at 3 yrs. of age! (Prior to that he told me Santa bit people!)

  4. Cute pictures! I've got to find an Easter bunny to get my girls picture made...I'm running out of time! I can't believe my girls are almost a year old, and now you are telling me the second year is just as fast?? So not fair! : )



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